Expert research, authentication and appraisal of Paul Cézanne artwork

Cézanne Experts is a group of fine art researchers and scholars with a special focus on the oeuvre of Paul Cézanne. We have unparalleled access to written historical resources and we are fluent in French. Though our company is based in the United States, many of our researchers live and work in Cézanne’s home country of France.

We perform onsite physical inspections of drawings and paintings, authentications and appraisals. Advanced scientific testing is available. We also offer Certificates of Authenticity and all documentation necessary for insurance or sale of your original Cézanne piece.

Paul Cézanne (French, 1839-1906) was arguably the most influential painter in modern art history. His work, The Card Players was – until February 2017 – the most expensive painting ever sold, fetching more than $259 million. Only recently, a number of new Cézanne sketches and paintings came to light, and it is entirely possible that many others have yet to be discovered.

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