Cezanne is right up there just one rung below the most famous artists of all times. Some of his best works have sold for mountains of money.

If you want to sell your Cezanne here is the simple five step formula:

1) Authentication and certification. It must have been authenticated, you must have an authentication report and a certificate. If you don’t then it is the first thing that must be done. We will send you a quote once we know more about it.

2) Examination. We have to see it. We must verify that it exists. We must check its quality and condition. Let us know in which country and city it is located and we will give you a quote to go examine it. We examine nearly everywhere in the world.

3) Selling price. Of course it has to be priced. Let us know how much you want. If you are not sure, we will determine its market value after we examine it, and evaluate it including its artistic merit and other aspects.

4) We will submit a selling agreement to you.

5) We will start offering your Cezanne painting for sale to a variety of private, corporate and institutional clients. We will be marketing your painting.

We can sell your Cezanne for you.