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Where can you turn for assistance with a Cézanne authentication or appraisal?

Already underfunded and understaffed, museums do not have the ability to perform time-consuming research for free. Item 2.14 on the Museums Association code of ethics requires museum workers to: “Refuse to identify, authenticate or value items in private ownership for personal payment, gifts or favours.” Additionally, because of liability issues, almost every museum in America has a policy against its employees giving opinions on privately owned works of art.

Auction houses are generally only interested in pieces that they know they can sell at enormous profit. They receive thousands of inquiries every day. Most are ignored. If you want an auction house to take you seriously, it is best to approach them with evidence to support the authenticity of your piece.

With Cézanne Experts, you have an entire team of highly qualified researchers at your disposal. Our specialty is working with clients that have been turned away from other organizations. We provide answers in a timely and cost-effective way, with customer satisfaction at the cornerstone of each personalized experience.